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Game News

Guild Rules:

        1. Please do not sell things from GV (Guild Vault) in the AH. Items in GV are for Guildies not profit. If you are Caught selling items that are from the GV in AH then you will be Removed from the guild.
        2. Help with any and all quest/Dungs. Our job is to help the ppl around us.
        3. Just ask for help, BUT don't over ask. (some ppl have things they need to get done too.)
        4. Please no begging/bugging the Officers, just ask once and we will get to you asap. If it takes us more then 10mins to get to your question please ask again.
        5. Please Keep your language clean, there are young children playing this game.
        6. Spamming is not allowed in Guild Chat.

Guild Info:

        As you all know this is a lvling guild. We are wanting to help YOU get what you need to have a fun time playing WoW (World Of Warcraft). Currently I am working on getting A lot more Gold Together, so we can start paying Guild repairs and Ground mounts.

Guild Ranks:

        Guild Ranking works on how much you have helped the guild. If Officers notice you are working hard for you fellow guildies you are granted a promotion. Each rank offers you a little more freedom to the Guild. There is a total of 10 Ranks.
                            (each rank is able to see and deposit items in GV)
        Rank one~ Blood Hatchling- which gives you the freedom to edit your public note invite members view Officer notes guild chat listen/speak. And able to Get one thing from GV tab one.
        Rank two~ New Blood- which gives you the same ablilites as rank one but lets you draw out 2 items from tab one.
        Rank Three~  Bloodling- Which allows you to get 3 things from tab one with the same ablities as the first two ranks.
        Rank Four~ Senior Blood- Allowing you to draw 4 items from tab one and 1 item from tab two.
        Rank Five~ Blood Knight- Gives you the right to draw 5 items from tab one and 3 items from tab Two.
        Rank Six~ Blood Colonel- Giving you the right to take 5 items from tab one and 4 items from tab two.
        Rank Seven~ Blood Commander- Allows you to have 5 items from tab one and 4 items from tab two and 1 item from Tab Three, also gives you the right to set Guild Events. (such as runs thro Dungs or Raids)
        Rank Eight~ Blood Lord- Gives you the right to Demote/Promote Fellow guildies and set Guild Events. Also allows you to draw 5 items from Tab one, 5 items from Tab two and 3 items from Tab Three.
        Rank Nine~ Blood King- This is the highest rank any guildie can get, allowing you to draw out 10 items from the First Tab and 10 items from the Second tab, also 5 items from the third tab and 1 item from Tab Four. 
        Rank Ten~ Blood Queen- This is the GM rank. (Guild Master)

          (Please work hard to get your rank up, and help out some ppl)

Guild Vault:

        Guild vault has Four Tabs. Each tab as a certain name and contains certain items. It would be greatly appreciated if the Tabs stay Organized. Please Do Not add any grey items into the GV, because they are usless and only take up space. When GV gets full and the GM thinks it ok, we will do a GV Clean Out. This is when anything in the GV you need you ask the GM and they will send it to you or meet you in Org.
                    (I have Put Guild Tabards and Some bags in Tab One)
        Tab one: Contains Low Level and Low Rank 
        Tab Two: Contains Medium Level and Rank
        Tab Three: Is High Rank. 
        Tab Four: This Tab contains patterns for all the professions, please ask         
        an Officer or GM to Get something out for you.
Guild Membership:
        You Must be active in the guild, If you Do not play on a toon For 4 weeks you are Demoted. (unless you have talked with the GM that you will not be able to be on.) If you are not on your toon with in a Month you are Removed From the Guild.

               Each Member is aloud to come back twice, But an Officer or the GM must invite you back in. If you are kicked from the guild you must talk with the GM about getting back into the guild.

Low lvl Runs:
        The Gm will set up low lvl runs when she has the time. Please be patient, if u are needing a run ask an Officer or GM and they will run you. If there is a certain Dungeon you are wanting to be run thro, please tell GM she can then set up a raid run of that Dungeon so the low levels can join in.

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